Relocation and immigration to Cyprus

GCPLAW offers fast and efficient legal and practical assistance to individuals and companies who intend or who have decided to move to Cyprus, together with their families and staff.

An increasing number of individuals, mostly together with their families, as well as companies, choose the Republic of Cyprus as their new home. We are assisting existing and new clients with relocation and localization consulting and services and helping them to feel at home right from the beginning.

Why Cyprus:

  • Cyprus is a cosmopolitan country with about 21% of the population being foreigners.
  • Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
  • English is widely spoken in Cyprus
  • Cyprus enjoys stunning climate with more than 320 sunny days per year, warm winters, the most blue-flagged beaches in Europe and one of the lowest air pollutions in Europe.
  • Cyprus offers good education with English-speaking schools, from kindergartens and primary schools up to universities with well-recognised master and doctor programmes.
  • Cyprus has a business-friendly tax regime, taxing corporate profits at 12.5%. Profits from the holding and the disposal of securities, including company shares, are not taxable.
  • Excellent private and public health care
  • The Cyprus non-domiciled tax status for resident individuals provides for tax exemption on income from dividends and interests for 17 years.
  • Cyprus tax resident individuals, who are also  ‘non Cyprus domiciled’,  are able to  enjoy a number of  additional tax advantages.
  • The membership of the EU enables employment of any EU national without complicated procedures.  Non EU personnel may also be employed following the required procedure for securing work-residence permits.
  • Full membership of the EU and of the EURO Zone.
  • Compliance with OECD and FATF standards.
  • No exchange controls.
  • Cyprus is a business hub centrally located in the Eastern Mediterranean, in easy reach from both Europe and the Middle East.


Firstly, because we care for our clients.

Secondly, because we are in the position to assist them successfully make a new start. We are an experienced team of lawyers and professionals and we can offer our full-range services on the following:

  • Setting up your business in Cyprus, from a legal, tax, accounting, audit, banking aspect,
  • Residence visas and work permits, for the existing staff and their families, as well as for newcomers,
  • Getting familiar with the business framework of the exact business industry of your interest,
  • The existing business opportunities in Cyprus,
  • Personal and corporate tax,
  • Optimum tax planning,
  • Property law and conveyance,
  • Renting or purchasing office premises and accommodation in Cyprus,
  • Opening of bank accounts for the company and the individuals; and
  • Practical assistance with all the governmental authorities and any other matter for fulfilling the project of your successful relocation to Cyprus such as:
    • home search (rental or purchase),
    • temporary accommodation,
    • cultural and language training,
    • applying and connection to/of utility services,
    • immigration matters
    • educational matters for your children,
    • car purchase and registration,
    • yacht rentals, management and purchase,
    • insurance requirements,
    • individual tax registration,
    • professional licenses,
    • company registration or redomiciliation.

Whether you might be considering relocating your family temporarily or permanently to Cyprus, or setting up an office in Cyprus, our team is ready to support you. We can provide you with a personal and comprehensive service aiming to help you meet every need both during your first months in Cyprus and thereafter.

For more information on how we can assist you with this matter please contact Mr. Emilios Koulountis +357 22003182 or email

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